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Wow, this page is getting long. I think we'll need to split it out soon into seperate pages. I'm also getting conflicts as I'm editing while somebody else is too.

Great work!


Yes, we need to cut it up. I think we can make all of the main sections into new pages.

I was editing right ahead of you. I'll watch and work on different sections until I find a better way. Have you been looking at the recent changes page? It allows you to see who has been working where. - Colin

Hi Colin. Yes, I've been looking at the recent pages more now. This is great stuff here in the wiki. Finally things that can be contributed that aren't slipping off the bottom of the page. The good stuff gets accumulated instead of diluted and forgotten!


I see that recording materials is it's own set of pages. It seems like it should be part of the Technology heirarchy in the same style as however this information ends up after being diced up.


This is great. I took a first step and someone took it to the next level. I LIKE IT! Great work! JFP