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Bleach solution

2 g Potassium Dichromate
2 mL Sulfuric Acid (or 6 g Sodium Bisulfate)
30 g Potassium Bromide
One litre water


Bleaching time: One and a half times the time it takes to clear.

Temperature:  20C              Agitation:  Intermittent

The first bleach that I saw that worked with the Agfa HD series of emulsions when they came out, in conjunction with Kodak D-8 as the developer. It is a bit noisier than current formulations, but just as bright. It is a variation of the Kodak R-10 formula.

Source: <a href="TJBleach.PDF" title="Wish it were dated!" target="_new">Integraf Handout, circa 1982?</a>