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Bleach solution

12 g Ferric Sulfate
12 g di-Sodium EDTA
30 g Potassium Bromide
50 g Sodium Bisulfate)
One litre water


Bleaching time: To clear plus one minute. (Usually in excess of six minutes!)

Temperature:  20C            Agitation:  None

A slow, diluted Fe EDTA bleach which eliminates non-uniform scattering patches throughout the emulsion. The key to success is to avoid the urge to agitate, as this one can take up to fifteen minutes to clear a well-exposed plate.

Shelf life: Leaving the solution exposed to air (uncovered tray) will extend the lifetime of the oxidizer. It has run its useful course when it takes very long to completely clear, like over 5 minutes.

Source: Nicholas Phillips, "New Recommendations for the Processing of Ilford Plates", handout at Lake Forest College Holography Workshop II, July 1989.