Ewesly / Holographic Formulae / Nick's No. 5

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Stock Solutions

60 g  Sodium Sulfite
20 g  Catechol
10 g  Hydroquinone
10 g  Potassium Bromide
One litre water

20 g  Sodium Metaborate
120 g  Sodium Carbonate
One liter water

Mix equal parts together before use.

Development time

Four to five minutes

Temperature:  23C +- 1C                          Agitation:  Constant

Primary recommendation

for transmission holograms on Ilford green-sensitive materials, followed by a rehalogenating-diffusing bleach. Properly exposed plates will wait thirty seconds before showing signs of development.

Shelf life

Part A can last a month in a tightly stoppered bottle; Part B can last indefinitely.  The combined solutions can last a day in a covered tray.


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