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Stock Solution

Kodak D-76 is identical to Ilford ID-11; they are intended for photographic films.

2 g Metol
100 g Sodium Sulfite
5 g Hydroquinone
2 g Borax
One litre of water

Although the above stock solution can be used and re-used, the developer yields finer grain when used in a "single-shot" one to one dilution. Follow recommended time and temperature and agitation on the photographic film's instruction sheet.

Shelf life

6 months in a stoppered bottle.


Photo Lab Index, Lifetime Edition, Morgan and Morgan, Inc., Dobbs Ferry, New York.

This developer is included in the list as a comparison to the components of a holographic developer. Notice that the Metol and Hydroquinone strengths are about equal to D-19, but its pH is much lower due to using Borax instead of Sodium Carbonate. And there’s a heck of a lot more Sodium Sulfite, but that’s OK, as photographic films have a heck of a lot more silver in them!

This developer would be a good place to start if one were to try shooting photographs on holographic film. the results might be a bit on the contrasty side, and a better choice for this experiment might be the use of the POTA formula.

Another holographic use for D-76 is to add 2.5 g Ammonium Thiocyanate per liter of stock solution, dilute this brew 1:15 and use it as a colloidal developer like GP-2 with the ungodly development time of 30 minutes at 20 C with no agitation. (Bjelkhagen, p.150)