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Stock Solutions

10 g  Pyrogallol
One litre water

60 g  Sodium Carbonate
One litre water

Mix equal parts together immediately before use.

Developing times

Reflection holograms: One minute for film, two minutes for plates. 
Transmission holograms: Two to four minutes for films or plates. 

Temperature:  20C           Agitation:  Constant

The original recipe for the tanning developer - solvent bleach processing regime, giving low noise transmission holograms or wavelength shifted reflection holograms with a characteristic brown stain on the emulsion. 

Primary recommendation

for high speed holographic materials like Kodak SO-253/Type 131 or Agfa's 10E75 or 10E56, and also usable for Agfa 8E materials.  Recommended bleach is the silver solvent type like 'Chrome bleach, not diffusion-rehalogenation.  Colour Holographics recommends this developer for their BB series of plates.

Shelf life

Tray life of the combined solutions is about 15 minutes, Part A will last two or three days in a full stoppered bottle, but Part B will last indefinitely.


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