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Stock Solutions

15 g  Metol
7 g  Pyrogallol
20 g  Sodium Sulfite
4 g  Potassium Bromide
2 g  Na4 EDTA
One litre of water

60 g  Sodium Carbonate
One litre water

Mix one part of Part A with 2 parts water and one of Part B.

Development time

Reflection holograms: Two minutes

Temperature:  20C            Agitation:  Constant

Shelf life

Part A might not last too long, but Part B will last indefinitely.

Primary recommendation

by Agfa for reflection holograms when the HD series of Holotest emulsions came out, but somebody gave Agfa a bum steer on this one.  I never got good holograms with this formula.


Agfa Gevaert Technical Information Bulletin 21.7271(480)