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Bleach solution

30 g  Potassium Iodide
3 g  Boric Acid
2 g  p-Benzoquinone added just before use.
One litre water


Bleaching time: One and a half times the time it takes to clear.

Temperature:  20C              Agitation:  Intermittent

Shelf life:  Probably not too long after the PBQ is added.

This bleach is supposed to upshift the replay color to longer wavelength, although I've never seen it work.  Another one not to bother with in my book.

Source: <a href="NickAdvances.PDF" title="The Origins of the Dreaded PBQ" target="_new">N. J. Phillips, A. A. Ward, R. Cullen, D. Porter, "Advances in Holographic Bleaches," Photographic Science and Engineering 24, 120 (1980). </a>

 Also: <a href="../Developers/AgfaBrochure.PDF" title="More uselessness!" target="_self">Agfa Gevaert Technical Information Bulletin 21.7271(480)</a>