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Bleach solution

20 g Glycerol
500 ml Deionized Water
500 ml Isopropyl Alcohol
300 mg Phenosafranine
150 g Ferric Nitrate
33 g Potassium Bromide
One litre water

Dilute 1 to 4 with water before use.


Bleaching time: One and a half times the time it takes to clear.

Temperature:  20C              Agitation:  Intermittent

For rehalogenation after fixing. Hans Bjelkhagen prefers this over the simpler GP 431 formulation for pulsed masters developed in Neofin Blau diluted 1:1.

Shelf life: This stock solution lasts indefinitely, working solution about one week.

Source: N. J. Phillips and D. Porter, "An Advance in the Processing of Holograms," Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 9, 631 (1976).

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